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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can volunteer for Islander Elevation?

Anyone who desires to be a part of elevating our Islander Community is welcomed to volunteer. Anywhere from writing your own articles about the community, conducting research on islander demographics, or promoting Islander owned business on the Islander Elevation website; there are several opportunities to leverage the Islander Elevation website. Although no formal background checks are required to volunteer for Islander Elevation, we want to provide the most accurate and updated information on the website. Therefore upon submitting any articles or informative postings on to the Islander Elevation website, we do require a list of citations and sources to verify the credibility of valuable information for our people.

How do I start the process of becoming a volunteer for Islander Elevation?

Start your volunteer experience here with Islander Elevation! We would like to welcome all experience levels here to help our people rise to their full potential. Click here to get started!
Scroll down to the bottom and fill out the information section with your Full Name, your Email, and a message explaining how you can volunteer for Islander Elevation.
In the message provide your qualifications or what you feel may be essential attributes that would help our people. This can be anything from writing articles, doing cultural research, promoting Islander Elevation, to identifying islander owned businesses in your area.


Does Islander Elevation own the scholarships posted?

Islander Elevation does not own scholarships posted on the website. Therefore Islander Elevation is not responsible for any date, award amount, requirement, ect changes made by the organizations listed on the scholarship tab. With this said, please be sure to contact the specific scholarship providing organizations if you have any questions.


What if my business is already listed?

Islander Elevation has already taken the initiative and listed a few businesses. If you see that your business is already listed and you would like to edit any information then you can EASILY to update! First create a business profile on Islander Elevation and contact us here to verify your affiliation with the specific company. Once verification has been approved you can then access your business information and make any adjustments.

How can I post upcoming events on the Islander Elevation Calendar?

Keeping our Islander Cultures alive and thriving is another major goal of Islander Elevation. There are many events celebrating our people across the nation and we need your help to get the word out!
If you know of an Pacific Islander event in your area that you wish to share with the community then first create a business or member profile with Islander Elevation. After your account has been created then contact us here with the event information including: name or event, date, time, location, and any other information you wish to provide. We will then verify and upon approval your event will be posted on the Islander Elevation website calendar.
Examples of Pacific Islander Events: Cultural Festivals, Music Festivals, Dance Competitions, Job Fairs, Civic Engagements, Islander’s Rights Movements, NHPI Supported Fundraisers, Conferences, Professional Networking Events, Charity Events, ect.

How can I post my own job listings on Islander Elevation?

Islander Elevation is devoted to help our people to find employment at the same time as help our Pacific Islander owned businesses grow. If you are a NHPI business owner, manager, or entrepreneur and have an employment opportunity you wish to open up to your Pacific Islander community then you can add your listing by first creating either a business or member profile on Islander Elevation. Once you have created your own account click here to add your job/career opportunities for no cost at all.

How can I post a business on Islander Elevation?

One of Islander Elevation’s objectives is to bring forward and support our Pacific Islander owned businesses throughout the nation. If you are an owner, partner, employee, or patron of a Pacific Islander owned business then you have already taken the first step in helping our people. Next step is to create either a business or member profile on Islander Elevation. Once you have created your own profile click here to add a new business to our growing list!
Add as much information as you can to our Connections page and upon submission it will be verified by Islander Elevation to ensure we are providing our people with the most accurate material. Best of all, it is completely free!

How can I advertise my business on Islander Elevation?

Islander Elevation is a website that provides cost free access to view Islander owned or supported resources, as well as cost free abilities to post Islander owned or supported resources.
We also provide additional opportunities for businesses to purchase advertisement space and featured business advertisement space on the Islander Elevation website. If you are interested in advertising your business on the Islander Elevation website then contact us here with your request.

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